Data Mining

Digital Nudging

Introduction: Here is a fun fact; An average human being (probably an adult) makes close to 30,000 conscious decisions every day. This isn’t entirely true though, in fact, I just made that number up. I could be right because if you think about it, how many decisions would you say you make on a day to day basis? Depending on who you are the above obviously varies widely and you know best.

Twitter Data Mining In R

Part I This first section assumes you have no knowledge in building a twitter app to be used for fetching data. You can skip directly to the second section here if you are able to build your own twitter app and get the required authentication keys. Introduction: Social media usage has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Most social networks we can think of now are so well established, making them a platform where people can not only talk to one another but also be able to come forward with different views and interests they would like to express.